How does Rainbow support 3 – 4 year old children in their development?

We allow the children to free play in out developmental centers daily in order to foster their social and oral communication growth. Providing a dramatic play area that encourages the children to dress and undress themselves promotes use of their imaginations as they play with their friends. In allowing the children to choose a center of their choice and maintain the area by cleaning and caring for it promotes integrity, responsibility and independence.

In our multiple readings throughout the day, we are sure to read equal amounts of fiction and nonfiction stories in order to assist children in their understanding and distinction of real and fantasy.

Movement (Gross Motor)
We provide a variety of dance styles to continuously promote their gross motor development. The children also participate in activities daily during circle and dramatic play. Our children are scheduled in the morning and afternoon to spend time exploring outside using play equipment and sports games to assist them in the development.

Through our use of the Abeka curriculum we teach Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math. We strive to collaborate with our parents to mold the children into well rounded citizens that are lifelong learners and contributors to society.

Children at this age are participating in storytelling and show and tell to increase their vocabulary and articulation.  Throughout our program we encourage students to use their words when communicating with their friends, teachers, and other staff. We also want children to understand that they should use their words to problem solve instead of physical contact when there is a disagreement.

Hand and Finger Skills
Here at Rainbow we incorporate creative learning through Art to develop fine motor skills. Through Art the children are learning to use scissor, trace, and write their first name.


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